Social Studies

We believe social studies take our students on a journey of discovery, awareness, civic engagement, and a comprehension of the world in which they live. The goal for our students is to become independent thinkers as they explore the people, places, and events that have impacted their past, influence their present, and give hope to their future.

Our K-5th-grade students are captivated by a relevant, fun, yet impactful curriculum that TCI Social Studies Alive! provides.  The program teaches our students about the world around them and how our cultures were created through interesting and engaging activities and lessons. We believe in preparing our students to understand the intricacies of the social world and how the country and the world was shaped over centuries at a time.

Our 6th – 8th-grade students are immersed in textbook and study World Geography (6th grade), Ancient Civilizations (7th Grade), and U.S. History (8th grade). Infused with rich content and stunning instructional visuals and interactive technology, the Holt McDougal/Harcourt Social Studies program inspire students to learn at great depth about their community, country, and the world and the role they play in it.