Transportation Information

All of our 1st thru 8th grade students will be assigned a bus.  We are exempt from the 1.5 mile rule that the School District of Philadelphia imposes on other students.  Depending on what your home address is, all of our transportation needs are provided by the School District of Philadelphia or the student’s district of residence.  

Your route is determined by the address that you provide to the school as your main address so it is imperative that you submit any changes on the Change of Address form to the main office immediately.

Out of District Residents:

Once we receive your new information, we will contact your school district of residence to have the transportation updated.  It is recommended that you contact the district as well to avoid any lapse in communication.

Your transportation requests will be submitted to your school district of residence and will be processed to and from your address that you have provided to Southwest Leadership Academy Charter School only.  Transportation will NOT be provided to any other location.

School District of Philadelphia residents ONLY:

Once we receive the change of address, a Transportation Action Request (TAR) will be submitted to the school district.

PLEASE NOTE: it will take 7-10 business days for the TAR to process at the district level once we submit it in the system

Special Transportation Request: 

  • If there is a special request that you have for pick-up and/or drop-off of your student(s) to/from daycare you must complete and submit the Special Transportation Request form.  

  • If there is a custody arrangement and your student(s) need to be picked-up/dropped-off at a different location w/in the district (documentation must be provided) and you must complete and submit the Special Transportation Requestform.  

We will submit the information to the TAR to the district.  Again, it will take 7-10 business days to process.

**PLEASE NOTE: After you submit any changes to your address and or pick-up/drop-off information, YOU are responsible for arranging for your student to get to and from school until that process is complete**

Once the TAR is submitted in the system we will contact you and provide you with the TAR# so that you can monitor the progress of the change by contacting the School District of Philadelphia directly 215-400-4350.

All transportation letters come from the district and will not come out before the 2nd or 3rd week in August for the new school year.  When you do receive the letter from the School District of Philadelphia, if you notice that any of the information on that letter is incorrect, please contact us in the office immediately so that we can work on updating and correcting any information that we need to.